What is Bizzis.me?

The correct business information available when and where you need it

Bizzis.me is THE addition to your business card. You enter your personal business details on your account and you manage it yourself.

You publicize your details with a QR code. With Bizzis.me that is called a me.code. Your connections, (potential) clients, colleagues, friends and family scan your me.code which will give them access to your details. Through buttons like ‘call’, ‘text’ or ‘email’, your connection will access the correct function on their smartphone directly.

Does your mobile number change, is your business address or any other detail temporarily changed? No problem; after adjusting them, they are readily available while your me.code stays the same.

You decide what details you make available. Address, telephone numbers, email, text, LinkedIn, Facebook. If you DON’T want somebody to be able to contact you a certain way, you just don’t activate that possibility.

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